3 Common Causes of Low Libido In Women

There are many reasons you may have experienced a loss of libido (lack of interest in sex).

Fifty percent of women report that they have low sex drive or have absolutely no libido at all. There are also women who have never been able of achieving orgasm in their lives.

Low female libido is, obviously, quite common and there are a few simple ways to boost your sex drive using completely safe natural products.

Have You Stopped Wanting Sex?

Or Maybe You’re Just Not Enjoying It Like You Use To?

Not satisfied with your sex life?

You’re not alone… Millions of women just like you struggle every day with low libido.

You don’t want sex and when you do have sex you don’t enjoy it.

How To Increase your sex drive

Both men and women can enjoy better sex by taking easy to use supplements that not only improve libido but also improve performance and  can contribute to more satisfying orgasms.

Many women lose their sex drive but the good news is they can recover their sexual desire quickly and enjoy increased libido and satisfaction by applying old but only recently accepted treatments.

Before we look at our proven hormonal libido enhancers let’s look quickly at the problems that cause women to suffer from low libido. All women need three key hormones for peak sexual health and they are testosterone (women’s bodes do produce testosterone but in far lower levels than in males and it is VITAL for propoer function of a woman’s body), estrogen and progesterone if you do not have working ovaries.

If the body does not generate enough of ALL of these, when they are needed, libido falls and sex can become painful, boring, uninteresting, uncomfortable or just  ‘a pain in the b**t’.

But if you want to increase your desire and interest in sex, improve your libido and have a more satisfying sex life the good news is the right combination of  these three hormones can be used by women and are proven to increase libido.

While there are differences in the inputs that govern men’s and women’s sex drive there are more similarities than differences and that’s why the hormones we are going to look at work.

Let’s look at some of the common problems for low libido.

As we age our production of these three hormones start to slow and ultimately production stops completely. Also a hysterctomy can stop the production of testosterone in women dead in it’s tracks. Having an oopherectomy (a hysterctomy with removal of the ovaries) will stop the production of progesterone as well.

As the level of these hormone drop our bodies start on the road towards menopause and we all know what happens as we enter menopause. We start to get tired, grumpy, sexless, and our skin starts to turn into parchment, bone and joints start to ache, we have problems sleeping and much more starts to not work as it did.

Almost all of these problems have been linked to the production of these three hormones winding down.

Bioidentical hormones which are 100% safe because the are EXACTLY the same as the hormones your body produces is the ONLY safe way to treat your symptoms. The suynthetic alternatives, that will probably be prescribed by your doctor, can cause cancer, blood clots, and are dangerous and can lead to death.

Even if you don’t want to buy our bioidentical hormones PLEASE insist on safe bioidentical hormones from your doctor is you decide to go that route.

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