4 Essential Facts Regarding Anti-Aging Products

They are not new

The origin of surface anti-aging can be traced back thousands of years. We know of the use of olive leaf and other herbs in Ancient Egypt to increase life span, foot binding in China, and foods and other health systems in India to slow the effects of aging, the worldwide use of perfumes, and beautiful clothing to cover the ravages of time and there was always the local wise woman or witch who could supply a potion or cast a spell to stop age from taking over.

We try to slow aging using three basic approaches which are discussed below but they are all, either physically and/or psychologically of benefit to their users.

The market for beauty items with anti-aging properties hasn’t stoped expanding since the firt human trod the Earth. Every year a new, better, faster, more effective, and more expensive product hits the market and an army of believers rush to try them out. As always, most will not be effective in slowing the very obvious symptoms of aging such as aches and pains, fatigues, weakness, fading memory and all the other symptoms that come as we age but let’s be honest many people don’t care about those symptoms. They only seem to care about the wrinkles, the sagging skin and the dark patches of skin that seem to appear from nowhere overnight.

The lesson to be learned from the cosmetic anti-aging market is that many people are determined to make their skin look healthy, and younger, without counting the costs.

But before spending all your money on anti-aging beauty products, there are some interesting things you should know about them.

They fall into three broad categories

Every one of the hundreds of thousands of anti-aging products sold in stores and pharmacies can be classified under one of the following three categories.

The first one is hormone anti-aging products which are marketed to be reverse-aging. Hormones don’t stop aging, but they can mask its signs and symptoms.

Anti-oxidant products are among the most common anti-aging products. The vitamins A, C and E present in these products help fight free radicals responsible for damaging the cells that causes aging. Natural anti-aging products are gaining more popularity and are better known for reversing and hampering the different signs of aging.

There are also surgery, practices, and products such as plastic surgery, meditation, diets, and live cell injections that promote anti-aging effects.

They offer both physical and psychological benefits

Anti-aging products’ most obvious advantage, when they work as advertised, is seen physically by creating changes, most often in the skin, that improve its visual appearance.

Some products offer mild benefits like reduced wrinkles, fading age spots and fewer fine lines. While some products are said to produce quite dramatic results such as making them look years younger.

Although, in general, exercise equipment, hormone treatments, diets, and certain foods are not seem as anti-aging treatments they, in fact, are if they are the right ones.

Though anti-aging products are generally manufactured for their physical benefits, they can also have significant psychological benefits as well. Using anti-aging products can boost your self esteem, confidence, sense of self and make you feel better about yourself. This simple mind trick, and that is what it is at its core, is often all that is necessary to change, completly, how you look and how you present yourslef and that alone can make you look and feel a lot younger.

Care should be taken when buying products for anti-aging

Prior to buying or using an anti-aging product, make sure that you have properly read its label and thoroughly researched the product. Because topical anti-aging products like wrinkle creams are considered purely cosmetic by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), they are not subject to strict guidelines for effectiveness and safety.

Other anti-aging products such as hormones also carry their own set of risks if you choose synthetic rather than bioidentical hormones. Excessive intake of vitamin and mineral supplements can have damaging effects on some organs in our bodies.

Most of the cosmetic treatments will harm your bank account more than they will help your skin. Surgical procedures often go wrong and you are left worse than you were before the procedure.

Take care.

Find out all you can.

Then act.