Aging Male Syndrome – Are You A Suffer?

There really is a midlife crisis for most men and it has a medical name; Aging Male Syndrome or Andropause.

It normally starts in our early to mid-thirties as men’s testosterone production begins to fall.

Unlike Menopause, Aging Male Syndrome does not result in the inability to reproduce. It also doesn’t appear quickly over a few years as menopause in women does; the changes in men are slow and reach over many decades. Every year there is less testosterone and unless this is corrected, a man can end up feeling as if his live has passed him by.

Aging Male Syndrome

Every year there is less testosterone and unless this is corrected, a man can end up feeling as if his live has passed him by.


Here is a list of the most common symptoms although all of them may not be present for every man.

  • Mood swings (Irritable Male Syndrome – it actually has a medical name); It’s not unusual for men with lowered testosterone levels to start expereincing regular mood swings. They can go from being their normal selves to being angry and then depressed within a few minutes (
  • Loss of muscle tone; Testosterone is also responsible for maintaining and developing muscle tone (definition). Without testosterone you will never maintain a young male body shape (See link in dot point immediately above for reference).
  • Development of male breasts (Gynecomasia); As our testosterone levels fall the estrogen in our bodies can start to dominate our hormone system (Yes! Men’s bodies product estrogen but in far lower amounts than in women) and this excess estrogen starts to change our body shape into that of a female. We can grow breasts, lay fat onto our hips and waist it can even cause our voices to become higher pitched. We start to lose typical male hair patterns (body hair starts to disappear) (
  • Depression; Low testosterone levels lead directly to depression which cannot be treated with anti-depressants. This could also be aggravated by the feeling that in their life they failed to accomplish the goals they set for themselves (

This is a very difficult time for males although they probably won’t admit it. It is similar to menopause and everyone knows how hard that can be for a woman. If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms, you should discuss them with your doctor or take our 5-minute Testosterone Quiz (Cris – please link to t-quiz for men page) to find out if low testosterone could be an issue for you. Treatments are painless, private, low cost, and safe.

Studies on the value of testosterone in treating medical condition in men and women are going on all of the time. A 2006 study undertaken at the University of California, Los Angeles, showed that by replacing testosterone levels in men suffering from Alzheimer’s, their quality of life drastically improved ( (Much like Hormone replacement therapy works for women.)

Midlife is no picnic!

If treating yourself increases your chances of feeling better then why not do it? Your partner will certainly understand why you would want to do that. You may be able to benefit from treatments and feel more like you used to.

Symptoms may be different for every man and you do not have to be experiencing all of the symptoms to be suffering from Aging Male Syndrome.

Take the Quiz and find out if Low Testosterone is the problem.

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