Can Sex Hormones Improve A Woman’s Sex Drive?

Many women are suffering from low libido but fortunately there is a way to treat this issue so you can once again enjoy the pleasures of sex.

There are a number of different causes for low libido in women including physical and emotional such as stress, depression, low body image, or low or unbalanced hormone levels.

If you want to improve your libido you have a few choices:

  • There are over the counter creams and lubricants which can help easy penetration if this is a problem
  • there are so-called aphrodisiac foods which can serve in some cases to get you in the mood
  • there are libido increasing herbal treatments and
  • there are safe bioidentical hormones.

Few sexually related products in this male dominated age have been produced to help women with their special needs. But in recent years the effectiveness of human sex hormones in treating low libido in women has become well known. These products can now be obtained from your doctor or online from reputable suppliers.

Many women are suffering from low libido

Many women are suffering from low libido but fortunately there is a way to treat this issue so you can once again enjoy the pleasures of sex.

This webpage describes one of the few products which have been developed for the fairer sex.

  • If you just don’t feel that ‘into it’…
  • if you find yourself trying to talk yourself into enjoying sex…
  • if you see sex as a chore and get little joy from it…
  • then read on!

Increase your libido now!

One of the most important difference between men and women is the time it takes to achieve orgasm. While men more often orgasm within three to four minutes women can take from ten to 30 minutes and, as a result of this difference, many women are left sexually dissatisfied because by the time they are aroused their partner has rolled over and gone to sleep.

Most women experience a dip in their sex drive at some time in their lives and, often, as we age it gets worse, more common and can even become permanent.. However there are some simple tips that can help boost your libido or sex drive naturally.

Testosterone, progesterone and estrogen are all important hormones that are often overlooked in women. Testosterone is especially seen in a negative way by women because most people see it as the ‘man’s’ bodybuilding steroid and cringe at the thought of looking like a man. But testosterone plays a massive role in women’s health as it helps rebuild and repair damaged cells, increase muscle strength, protect your skin, and boost metabolism. It is also critical to sexual health.

If you feel there is a problem that you think may have an hormonal cause you might want to check to see if you are suffering from hormonal imbalance, which is the most common medically related issue when it comes to loss of libido.

Low Libido in Women

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