Causes of Low Libido in Men

Loss of libido seems to be be very closely related with age, which means that as men age their desire for sex seems to decline. Age however, is not the only or even primary factor in declining libido in men, there are several others including:

  • stress
  • anxiety
  • medications
  • poor health
  • low testosterone levels and
  • many many others.

How to increase sexual desire?

Body Fat

One of the main causes of low sexual desire is obesity and lack of fitness. Body fat is a source of estrogen – a female sex hormone. As you can imagine this doesn’t help men maintain their libido. Being overweight can also cause low self-esteem with can also impact nagatively on desire as often men are too embarrassed to ‘get naked’.

The way to deal with this is moderate exercise. You would be amazed how much your libido will improve, because of the extra testosterone exercise will help your body manufacture, if you start gentle (it doesn’t have to be ‘pumping iron’ as so many seem to think) exercise program lasting about 10 – 20 minutes a day. Not only will you feel better, you will look good, and be sexually appealing to others – believe it or not.

Do NOT Overtrain. Overtaining will boost testosterone for a short time but then cortisol (called the ‘stress hormone’) released during intense exercise, takes over and destroys the testosterone in your body.


People spend too much worrying. Close to 80% of people spend their time worrying about things that never happen. There is a simple remedy for this – worry only about the things you can control, leave the rest up to god, luck, or other people, and take up an activity which helps you cope with stress. Find something that can help you.

I read – it works for me.

Your Medications

Medications are generally benefitial and often necessary, but keep in mind that many medications have side-effects some which can affect your sex drive.

If you find that your sex drive dropped after starting a new medication, read the package insert carefully, check online for possible side-effects, or talk to your pharmacist. Generally there is no need to consult your doctor to check for side-effects but you should if you find one that you need to find an alternative for – in fact you can probably even suggest an alternative if your research highlights a good alternative.

Ask your doctor about other treatments which can help your problem. You may be surprised to find there are a number of  safe treatments available to you – one of which is bioidentical testosterone.

The biggest cause of lowered sex drive is declining levels of Testosterone.

The biggest cause of lowered sex drive is declining levels of Testosterone.

Low Testosterone

The biggest cause of lowered sex drive is declining levels of Testosterone. Testosterone is the hormone responsible for many bodily functions including:

  • muscle development and maintenance
  • location of fat deposits (normal testosterone deposits it fat in locations that define a masculine body – low testosterone puts it around your gut and makes your butt disappear (old man flat butt syndrome)
  • creating a healthy strong bone structure
  • development of male testes, and penis and
  • sex drive

As the testosterone level drops in the body, so does the desire for sex and intimacy. Fortunately, there are several natural supplements on the market which can help you increase testosterone production naturally.

Also if you think that testosterone could be a problem for you complete the 5 minute testosterone quiz to confirm your suspicions. Your results will be displayed immediate you complete the quiz.

5 minute testosterone quiz