Sugar May Shorten Your Life Up To 20 Percent!

If the impact on worms are any indication sugar in your diet could be causing more than just obesity and type 2 diabetes. Researchers reporting in the November, 2009 issue of Cell Metabolism ( say it might also be taking years off your life.

By adding just a small amount of glucose to C. elegans’ (a non-parasitic, roundworm, about 1 mm in length) normal meal of bacteria, they found the worms lose about 20 percent of their usual lifespan. They trace the effect to insulin signals, which can block the effects of life-extending proteins that bind to our genes.

Although the findings are in worms, Cynthia Kenyon of the University of California, San Francisco (see: says there are known to be many similarities between worms and people in the insulin signalling pathways department.

As a result of her discovery, Kenyon read up on low-carb diets and changed her eating habits by cutting out starches and desserts.

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